Security for your business premises is no longer a case of putting up a fence and fitting a padlock on the gate. Rising crime figures mean that today you are more likely to be a victim of theft or criminal damage than ever before - and the biggest padlock in the world won’t stop anyone.

Valuable premises, plant and equipment cost much more than their replacement value when the effects of vandalism, loss of data and delays and disruption to projects are taken into account.

On any day, at any time do you really know who is on your premises, who should be there and more importantly, who shouldn’t be?

Unauthorised persons in and around the workplace are bad news for your business, its property and its secrets. Just as you wouldn’t let a complete stranger wander round your home, you need to control access to your company and safeguard your interests.

Do something about it - now.

Our vast experience providing security for major property developers, construction companies and office premises means we are experts at keeping people out and keeping things in!

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But do it now, tomorrow may be too late.

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