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Through our office in Kathmandu we are proud to provide loyal, hard working, well trained Gurkhas who generally have security experience in Iraq and/or Afghanistan. The world knows the reputation of Gurkhas.

Maritime Security Duties:

With costs being driven down by shipping companies a lot of MARSEC companies are now using more Third Country Nationals (TCNs).

We believe you can use TCNs without compromising quality for cost.  

Apart from the military and security experience, they have completed the STCW95 training (all four modules). They also have the following:  Seafarers ENG1 medical Certificate; Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate; Seaman's Discharge Book; Home Country Police Report, showing no criminal convictions (less than 6 months old); Military Discharge Certificate; Passport with more than 6 months validity; Drug Test, showing negative result; CV; Good level of English speaking skills; Weapons Training Certification.

Land Based Security Duties:

We can supply a Gurkha Guard Force for land based operations from a single man to a force of hundreds.

They can operate in hostile (many with Iraq and Afghanistan experience) and non hostile environments.

In addition we can provide relevant support services such as admin, catering etc for the guard force.